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CES LG - Virtual Production Breakdown


CES - Consumer Electronics Show is the most influential tech event in the world - proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. Joining this event, LG as one of the world's biggest brands is showcasing their sharpest innovations to the audience.

DITUS partnered with Dexter Studio to produce PR videos for LG to present their products in the most innovative way.


There are three main “impossible” goals we want to achieve.

  1. To create a timelapse of real lighting inside the studio

  2. To change between scenes at one click

  3. To extend the set seamlessly in spite of limited space in the studio


We decided to choose virtual production as our main production pipeline to overcome all these impossible obstacles in the traditional production.

Joining this project, DITUS took part in producing 03 virtual spaces shown in LED walls, and virtual lighting built in those spaces, which were later used as main light during filming in realtime.


1. Kitchen

2. Studio

3. Dressroom


Behind the scenes


We think Virtual Production as a workflow and as a set of techniques, which is really applicable everywhere. There’s not yet a consistent workflow from LED wall, content, lighting, camera to post-production. That’s why, as our first try in this new field, there’re a lot of hardships we had to overcome during our production.

Asset creation

Based on space concepts and sketchup files from Dexter’s Art Department, we built the spaces exactly as architecture sketches in 3Ds Max and created props used in those spaces with Maya, Zbrush and Substance Painter.

<SketchUp data from Art Department>

All of the virtual content would be shown in high resolution LED screens, there’re higher requirements for the quality of the spaces and assets used inside.

It takes time to create the assets to meet the best quality of photorealistic.


Preparing for D-Day, our Technical Artists had to validate exact number of camera moves, camera placement and lens choice for complex shots, in order to mitigate the risk of physically implausible virtual choices, which we call Techvis.

<techvis guide from Dexter>

Once receiving techvis guide, we set up new level with simple blockout of main objects and chose required equipments (like grip, cam, lens) as mentioned in their guidelines.

<example of techvis shot test>

Below realistic blueprints are treasure troves of embedded techvis information that can be extracted and applied to make visions come to life. Efficiency, time-saving and epic result are our aimed values using techvis during pre-production.

<example of our measurement>

LED stages

The commercial was shot on D1 Studio, DEXTER’s virtual production stage in Korea with the most innovative LED system. Filmmakers are able to utilize a combination of live action and cutting-edge digitally created environments rendered in real time on its LED walls and ceilings.

Remote production

One advantage of virtual production is that a surprising number of the people you’d typically find on a film or TV set simply don’t need to be there.

With powerful engine like Unreal Engine, multiple remote users can interact seamlessly, and this help boost the workflow between our studio (Vietnam) and D1 Studio (Korea). Perforce (P4V) is used as our source control to transfer and manage data. Web-based Live Streaming is used as main visual communication between Stage Team and Virtual Team during our rehearsal.

<web-based live streaming>

And Google Meet is used for feedback sessions between two sides.

<techviz meeting before rehearsal day>


Unreal Engine and LED stage make impossible shoots possible.

<through director's screen>

The engine provided function like timeslapes from day to night, from seasons to seasons, from spaces to spaces, which can be made just with one click; and the LED wall is so powerful in its brightness that it really does do a lot of the lighting for our stage crew.

We belive agencies and production companies have good reason to be excited about virtual production techniques and LED volumes, and soon to apply these technology for producing much creative results.

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